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Embryoscope (Time Lapse Technology)

Is the latest innovated technology that revolutionized the assisted conception field specially the test tube babies (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) technologies.

Embryoscope – Plus:-

  • Our Centre is the first Centre in Africa to introduce this kind of incubator.
  • It is European in origin, made in Denmark by Vitrolife specialized company.
  • This smart incubator is composed of 15 separated chambers, each chamber can accommodate 16 embryos.
  • Each chamber is equipped with highly advanced small Camera that records all the embryo events right from the minute of the sperm injection to embryo transfer, this will allow the clinician to follow and observe the role of cell division and subsequently to choose the best embryos to transfer with great accuracy.

The great difference between the embryoscope and the conventional incubators are:-

  • This smart incubator protects the embryos from outside room change like changes in temperature and changes in the gases concentration which happens with conventional incubators when you open them to observe the developing embryos.
  • Observing the embryos from the serial clips allows the clinician to choose the best embryos to transfer which significantly increases the chance pregnancy and decreases the chance of miscarriage
  • Excess embryos of a high quality defined by the smart incubator can be   frozen for future transfer.
  • The smart incubator is directly connected to the head quarter company in Denmark where a team of expert monitor all the internal and external conditions around it and its technical  performance.